Pilates at Your Workplace

Pilates at Your Workplace

Pilates courses & workshops/seminars for private groups  

Many employers recognise the benefits of Pilates and offer lunchtime/evening classes to their employees at their premises, and/or organise a seminar/workshop to promote staff wellness. Choose Pilates has been offering private group classes & courses to companies in such diverse fields as banking, education, & health (e.g. the NHS). 

Private class fees vary depending on factors such as group size, class day/time & location, starting from £65 per session or £600 for a 10 week course. 

If you are interested in arranging your own Pilates classes/course at your workplace, please do not hesitate to contact Katie to discuss your needs. 

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"I have been doing Pilates with Katie for about a year now as I was worried about lack of exercise and my joints becoming stiff. I am really enjoying it and I feel so much better after each class. It is helping my body cope with being in its 50s! Katie is a great instructor who makes classes fun, enjoyable & effective."
  - Sue (Administrator at UNISON, 53)

"UNISON Staff Sport and Social Club set up a first Pilates class for colleagues in 2008. Katie has been the Pilates tutor since the class started. Today, around 25 people of varying abilities attend classes during their lunch breaks and/or after work. 

Over the years, several people who suffer from back problems have said that they have felt a distinct improvement in their movement and are better able to manage their back pain. More able-bodied members have said they have felt their posture had improved and they have enjoyed both the benefits & convenience of Pilates offered at their workplace. We are delighted that Katie continues to be our teacher as she is extremely patient and an excellent communicator." 

- Mairin (UNISON Staff Sports & Social Club Representative)

"I had recurring pain in my right shoulder and after 2 steroid injection, I was referred to physiotherapy with a shoulder specialist.  Around the same time, I came across a Pilates class offered at my workplace and thought I would give it a go. 

I found the first session quite difficult and felt my flexibility was very limited but it didn't cause any pain my shoulder. After 3-4 sessions, my shoulder pain was becoming less and less and I started to feel more flexible. I also felt my posture improving and my core muscles becoming stronger. By this time, I had stopped undergoing physiotherapy as I no longer needed it. 

Beyond the physical benefits, I find the classes to be very relaxing from a mental perspective. I attend on Friday lunchtimes and find that I can completely forget my job for that one hour and leave the class feeling happy and carefree. 

I would whole-heartedly recommend to anyone to attend one of Katie's classes. You really will not regret doing so."

- Mike (Membership & HR Support at TSSA)

"Running is my main form of exercise yet after training for a few races, I began to feel pain and tightness in my hips. I decided to give Pilates a try to help alleviate this problem. Not only has it helped me to enjoy running again without pain, I am also much more aware of my body and posture. My flexibility has never been the best either, but I have really noticed an improvement after going to Katie. Most importantly, I appreciate how Katie gives her attention to each individual, being incredibly observant in her lessons and able to help you without you asking her to. I really look forward to her classes, even though I am concentrating hard on my body and the movements, it allows me to escape from the stressful demands of work and life and to leave feeling relaxed and content."
- Susan (Teacher at Westminster School, 28)


"Having a bad back following a car accident, I joined one of Katie's Pilates classes organised at work a few years ago and have been a regular ever since. I like the variety from week to week, so that we are not always doing the same routines, and Katie is very good at managing everybody in the class at the same time - it's almost like having a personal class! I now find myself standing taller and my back is a lot less stiff. Katie is very friendly and a fantastic teacher!" 
                        - Hadley
 (IT Manager 
at Westminster School, 45)

"We’d asked Katie to lead a workshop on 'posture at work', as part of our department’s Health & Wellbeing programme. She is a passionate and engaging professional who brings energy into the workplace. Her session opened colleagues’ eyes to different aspects of their personal health in fun and interactive ways."
                             - Elliot 
(Audit Manager, 
Lloyds Banking Group)

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